The Ultimate Guide to Pukwudgies! – Part 1 – Hockomock Swamp

“Far and wide among the nations, spread the name and fame of Kwasind; No man dared to strive with Kwasind, No man could compete with Kwasind. But the mischievous Puk-Wudjies, They the envious Little People, They the fairies and the pygmies, plotted and conspired against him.” – Excerpt from The Song of Hiawatha – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow The Ultimate Guide to Pukwudgies! - Part 1 - Hockomock Swamp Pictured: Not Dagobah Just mention the name “Hockomock Swamp” in New England and you’re going to conjure images of ghosts, monsters, and lots and lots of mosquito bites. Those things are just on the surface, though. If you really know what’s going on then the person you’re talking to is going to be immediately reminded of the Pukwudgie. You don’t even have to be talking to someone to make it happen! Just say it to yourself, we’ll wait. See?   This guy gets it! The Pukwudgie is as much a part of New England as potholes and road construction. You can’t go more than a few minutes without

Easter in New England and Other Non-Existent Things - Patreon Preview!

"For we must Consider that we shall be as a City upon a Hill, the eyes of all people are upon us; so that if we shall deal falsely with our god in this work we have undertaken and so cause him to withdraw his present help from us, we shall be made a story and a byword through the world, we shall open the mouths of enemies to speak evil of the ways of god and all professors for Gods sake" - John Winthrop, Puritan lawyer and former governor of the Province of Massachusetts Bay. Easter in New England and Other Non-Existent Things - Patreon Preview! Allow me to introduce you to John Winthrop:  "Ladies."   This fine fellow served as the governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony from 1630-1634, 1637-1640, 1642-1644, and finally from 1646-1679. In that time, he would work, along with his people, to create a "city upon a hill" that would have the eyes of the world on it. That high city was Massachusetts Bay and the people creating it were the Puritans. This is the

Slightly Odd Fitchburg is on Patreon!

  I think at this point, we all understand that I'm not above a little begging. That's why I'm taking the time to let everyone know that Slightly Odd Fitchburg is now on Patreon! Joseph Palmer never begged. I'm so ashamed . I've been trying to figure out a way to let the community become a real part of the site and I think this is it! That's why I've created different ways for you to get involved, and I'd love for you to consider them! This is how I imagine the community, for some reason . Coming up with posts is fun and all, but I really think that it could be better! I've set up several tiers where you can really become a part of Slightly Odd Fitchburg with your feedback and ideas! It doesn't matter if you want to suggest content, vote on what you think we should talk about next, or even write your own guest blog every month! It's all up to you and I'm excited to give you a voice here! This could be you! PLEASE consider supporting Slig