The Ultimate Guide to Pukwudgies! – Part 1 – Hockomock Swamp

“Far and wide among the nations, spread the name and fame of Kwasind; No man dared to strive with Kwasind, No man could compete with Kwasind. But the mischievous Puk-Wudjies, They the envious Little People, They the fairies and the pygmies, plotted and conspired against him.” – Excerpt from The Song of Hiawatha – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow The Ultimate Guide to Pukwudgies! - Part 1 - Hockomock Swamp Pictured: Not Dagobah Just mention the name “Hockomock Swamp” in New England and you’re going to conjure images of ghosts, monsters, and lots and lots of mosquito bites. Those things are just on the surface, though. If you really know what’s going on then the person you’re talking to is going to be immediately reminded of the Pukwudgie. You don’t even have to be talking to someone to make it happen! Just say it to yourself, we’ll wait. See?   This guy gets it! The Pukwudgie is as much a part of New England as potholes and road construction. You can’t go more than a few minutes without

The Slightly Odd New Year

Well, I've been struggling with finding a good time to make this very exciting announcement.  I figure there's no better time than a holiday when almost no one is paying attention! The coming year is going to bring a lot to the world of Slightly Odd Fitchburg, not the least of which is... An actual book! That's right, Slightly Odd Fitchburg is going to be published by Weird Darkness Publishing in early 2023! There's no date set in stone yet, but you can expect to see it on Amazon in the next few months! The cover you see is designed by the incredibly talented author Scott Donnelly and I'm eternally grateful to both him and Darren Marlar for this chance to reach a much larger audience! The nonsense I blather through the odd and haunted history of New England will be available on mutliple formats and I can't wait to share them with you! This is all thanks to all of you! Your support and interaction is what keeps the site going and I really hope that I get

The Bigfoot/COVID Chronicles

"I'm gonna GIT YA!!" Okay, it's a brand new month and this is when I'd normally be sharing a brand new post on the odd and paranormal. In fact, there should have already been a post on personal stories about Route 81 and Rehoboth to read. Well, that's still coming, but the fact is that the entirety of Slightly Odd Fitchburg has COVID right now. We made it three damn years into this pandemic and thought it was going to be a clean getaway. Well, here we are. Most things ache and everything else tastes like copper. It happens, I guess. Anyway, I'm not one who likes to keep people waiting, so here's something I came up with: The Bigfoot/COVID chronicles! If you don't follow Slightly Odd Fitchburg on Facebook then you're missing out! We like to take long hikes in Central Massachusetts and use them as an opportunity to pretend to be Bigfoot hunters! Now, none of this is meant to be taken as real. It's also not meant to be mean spirited in any