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Fitch Bits: The Last Salem Witch Trial

  Watch the video above or read it in article form below! Fitch Bits: The Last Salem Witch Trial DID YOU KNOW that the last Salem witch trial took place in 1878? "Witchonthefloorsayswhat?"   Yeah, so most people think the Salem Witch trials ended in 1693 after 19 women and one man were executed but think again! Just because one kind of crazy gets shut down doesn’t mean another one doesn’t take its place. So, it all started in May when a woman named Lucretia L. S. Brown decided to accuse a feller name o’ Daniel H. Spofford of “attempting to harm her through his ‘mesmeric’ mental powers.” That kind of sounds like he was trying to seduce her, but that’s not the case. You see, both people were Christian Scientists and that’s where most of these shenanigans started. "Yes, my name is Lucretia. You got a problem with that?" Christian Science was founded by a hot little minx named Mary Baker Eddy. She also wrote The Christian Science Monitor, Christian Science Sentinel, The

Atlas of the Odd: The Bewitching History of the Hawthorne Hotel

"Where there's a witch, there's a way, you know." - Aunt Clara – Bewitched Atlas of the Odd: The Bewitching History of the Hawthorne Hotel Welcome to Atlas of the Odd! This is an October series focusing on haunted locations throughout New England that you can visit right now. They’re open to the public and have histories of happenings that will make your spooky season one to remember, so get out there and explore them! You never know what you might find! Standing nice and stately at 10 Washington Square West in Salem, Massachusetts is the storied and illustrious Hawthorne Hotel. This imposing structure has been home to television studio sets, presidents, military dignitaries, and Bradly Cooper. Ladies. Even more impressive than the guy from the Hangover movies is the fact that it’s also been called the 4 th most haunted hotel in America by Travelocity. If it comes from a gnome, then it has to be true. This hotel has stood for over two centuries in the