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Fitch Bits: The Lake Winnipesaukee Mystery Stone

This post was originally shared as a Facebook and Instagram "DID YOU KNOW" post. We share them weekly and you can get in on the fun by liking us at  and following us at ! Now onto the odd story! The Lake Winnipesaukee Mystery Stone DID YOU KNOW that there's a mystery stone in New Hampshire? Sometimes known as the Lake Winnipesaukee Mystery Stone, this thing was pulled from six feet of earth, by laborers, digging holes for a fence in 1872. The owner of the property, one Seneca Augustus Ladd immediately caught it and examined it. It's very clearly not a natural formation, but that's pretty much all we know about it. Theories have it being created by anyone from the Inuit to the Celts. Ladd never tried to make money off it, so a hoax seems unlikely. It made its way to the New Hampshire Historical Society in 1927, where it remains to this day. So, was it made by ancient Celts visiting North A