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Fitch Bits: The New England Man in Black

This post was originally shared as a Facebook and Instagram "DID YOU KNOW" post. We share them weekly and you can get in on the fun by liking us at  and following us at ! Now onto the odd story! Fitch Bits: The New England Man in Black DID YOU KNOW that New England has its own Men in Black stories? The most famous one happened to a fellier by the name of Dr. Herbert Hopkins in Old Orchard Beach in Maine. He was putting supposed UFO abductees and witnesses under hypnosis and studying their cases. He must have gotten a little to close to some form of truth because a Man in Black showed up at his house on September 11, 1976! He was your typical Man in Black with a black suit, white shirt, and black hat. His skin was pale, his lips were too red, and he lacked any hair; eyebrows and eyelashes included. He knew facts about Hopkins that he had no business knowing, including that he had two coins in his pock