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Fitch Bits: The Witch of the Common

This post was originally shared as a Facebook and Instagram "DID YOU KNOW" post. We share them weekly and you can get in on the fun by liking us at  and following us at ! Now onto the odd story! Fitch Bits: The Witch of the Common DID YOU KNOW that there's a Witch of the Common? Mary Dyer is her name and getting unjustly executed is her game! This woman was hanged on the Gallows Tree on Boston Common in 1660. If you don't know what the Gallows Tree is, it doesn't exist anymore. It was used to hang many a folk, back in the day, but it fell over 1876. Anyway, Mary was a Quaker in Puritan run Boston and liked to preach her religion on the streets. That ruffled more than a few Puritan feathers and there was nothing they enjoyed more than a good hangin'! There's a lot to this fascinating story, but I'm limited in space with these posts, so I'd like to write a real story about h