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The Redheaded Hitchhiker and other Route 44 Attractions

Watch the video above or read it in article form, below! Okay, so this post has been a long time coming. I was originally supposed to post it back in October as part of the Atlas of the Odd series. The whole concept was to give you haunted places that you could actually visit during the Halloween season, but, needless to say, that didn’t happen. I ended up coming down with COVID and that knocked me out for a month and a half. Then I came out on the other side of that just in time for the holiday season. Then I was just lazy. Anyway, here we are again in a new year and it’s finally time to visit Route 44 in Rehoboth! This is a story that you legally have to talk about if you write about ghosts and stuff. It’s pretty much been done to death, but hopefully I can give you some new information about it, or at least make it entertaining. Let’s just say that I want this post to get a big thumb up, and not just from a hitchhiking ghost! Get it? Wow, we’re off to a terrible start. Okay, let’

The Paranormal Putas' Podcast

Check out my really fun guest spot on The Paranormal Putas' Podcast where I talk about Pukwudgies and the S.K. Pierce Mansion!

The Bigfoot/COVID Chronicles

"I'm gonna GIT YA!!" Okay, it's a brand new month and this is when I'd normally be sharing a brand new post on the odd and paranormal. In fact, there should have already been a post on personal stories about Route 81 and Rehoboth to read. Well, that's still coming, but the fact is that the entirety of Slightly Odd Fitchburg has COVID right now. We made it three damn years into this pandemic and thought it was going to be a clean getaway. Well, here we are. Most things ache and everything else tastes like copper. It happens, I guess. Anyway, I'm not one who likes to keep people waiting, so here's something I came up with: The Bigfoot/COVID chronicles! If you don't follow Slightly Odd Fitchburg on Facebook then you're missing out! We like to take long hikes in Central Massachusetts and use them as an opportunity to pretend to be Bigfoot hunters! Now, none of this is meant to be taken as real. It's also not meant to be mean spirited in any