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Fitch Bits: The Wet Bandit of Central Mass

Okay, so this is a story told to me by my neighbor. I have no way to prove any of it, but he has no reason to lie about it. Wasn't going to post it, but I got this last night. Credit: Rick Harris If it IS a lie, it's a damn good one and deserves a read. It turns out that his home was broken into a number of years ago. That's never fun, but this was definitely a fun loving criminal. As opposed to a Smooth Criminal Credit: CelebrtiyABC He didn't mention any stolen money or expensive property going missing, although you could say that this guy stole his spirit(s)! *Hold for applause* Credit: Kristarella Rather than ransack the place, this guy just sat his criminal ass down in the kitchen and helped himself to the entire liquor cabinet. To be clear, my neighbor was fast asleep upstairs while someone was getting drunk in his house. He also took some time to explore and left every single door open like he was raised in some sort of felonious b