Fitch Bits: Ghostly Inhabitants of the Central Burying Ground

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Fitch Bits: Ghostly Inhabitants of the Central Burying Ground!

DID YOU KNOW that the Central Burying Ground in the Boston Common is rife with spectral activity?

There's no way to miss this cemetery, if you've ever been to the Common, and it might just be the best place to meet a ghost! This spot was "established to alleviate overcrowding at King's Chapel, Copp's Hill and Granary Burying Grounds." It was also considered "least desirable because it was the farthest from the market center of the town." It's filled with British soldiers, revolutionaries who fought at Bunker Hill, and foreigners who died while visiting Boston. It's essentially a paupers' field for people who couldn't afford one of those fancy holes in the ground downtown.

People have reported seeing shadowy figures appear, then disappear when they look directly at them. It's also said to be home to restless spirits taken from their bodies at the nearby Great Elm, otherwise known as the Boston Common Gallows!

It gets creepier, though! Visitors have said they've been poked from behind, heard keys rattling, been brushed against by unseen forces, and even grabbed by invisible hands. There was one woman so convinced that someone had tapped her on her shoulder that the tour guide she was with had to convince her that no one was near her!

The best story comes from Jim McCabe. He saw "a teen girl with long red hair, sunken cheekbones, and a mud splattered red dress" in the 1970s. He saw her standing motionless in the back of the cemetery. Then she vanished and reappeared by the gates. After that, he felt her hand slide into his pocket, pull out his keys, and shake them in the air before dropping them!

So, the next time you visit the Common, keep your keys in your hand or you're going to be slightly inconvenienced by a scary ghost teen!

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