Fitch Bits: The Danvers Witch Trials

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DID YOU KNOW that the witching parts of the Salem Witch Trials actually took place in Danvers?

Yeah, this is kind of like Salem's dirty little secret. Back in the 16 hundos, you had Salem Town and Salem Village. The town part was, well, filled with townspeople and seaports. The village part was where all the farms and such were.

It was Salem Village where the girls claimed to be bewitched and where the accused mostly lived and were arrested. Salem Town is where the trials actually took place.

About 60 or 70 years after those trials, Salem Village decided that it didn't want to pay taxes that were meant to support the filthy cosmopolitans and fishermen of Salem Town and became its own thing. That's how we got Danvers!

This one is kind of a lob, but I'm sure there are plenty of people who are completely unaware of it. Danvers tends to keep pretty hushed up about the whole thing. Salem, meanwhile, is more than happy to take credit, and tourist dollars, for it.

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