Hello, World!

I recently took off from Boston in search of an affordable mortgage.

Pictured: The Rent Being Too Damn High

I landed in the faraway realm of Fitchburg, wide eyed and new to the world of both home ownership and Central Massachusetts.

I can see my house from here!

I live with my girlfriend and our Jack Russel/Pit Bull mix, Archer.

Yeah, you read that right. Jack Russel and Pit Bull. One of those dogs had a hell of a morning.

 Seen here barely containing his joy.

Anyway, we're going to explore the area and learn as much as we can about our new home. We'll take you on our journey and try to entertain you as much as we can!

You'll be able to learn all kinds of interesting tid bits, like how the gun that killed Abraham Lincoln was manufactured here.


True story!

Well, at least according to our neighbor. His family has lived here for over a hundred years and his stories will be the jumping off point for lots of our adventures.

We'll laugh, we'll love and we'll learn, sometimes all at once, even if it gets a little sticky.

We'll even build stuff together in my Shed Life series.


If you can't enjoy seeing an unskilled, inexperienced idiot ruining things with power tools, then you can't enjoy anything, am I right?

So, enjoy the ride and don't be afraid to comment and share your own experiences. We're all in this together!


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