Fitch Bits: Concealed Shoes

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Fitch Bits: Concealed Shoes

DID YOU KNOW that your old New England home might have shoes in its walls?
Although it's not unique to New England, there happen to be more instances of it here than anywhere else in the country. It's even more common in New England's prequel: England, England. That's why the phenomenon is most likely an immigrant from the U.K. and Europe.
They're called concealed shoes and there's no single consensus as to why they were put in the walls. It could go all the way back to ritualistic sacrifice on new foundations to protect and bless new homes and public houses. As sacrifice fell out of fashion, the tradition stuck and people used leather shoes (animal skins) in place of living things.
Other possible reasons were to ward off witches, bestow fertility, or to simply keep the demons at bay! There's a museum in Northampton, England exhibits over 15,000 pairs of concealed shoes and that number is always growing!
It should also be noted that it's pretty much always old, worn out shoes found in the buildings. Shoes were made by hand back then and very expensive. Ain't nobody gonna throw they brand new Crocs into a wall!

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