Fitch Bits: The Many Apparitions of Boylston Station

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Well, the weather is certainly changing and it makes me miss walking around Boston Common and being assaulted by entitled squirrels looking for a handout. As such:

DID YOU KNOW that Boylston Station is haunted?

Yeah, so not only is it the very first subway station in the United States, it's also the location of a mass burial site! Workers uncovered between 900 and 1,100 bodies when they dug out the tunnel, and they were all British soldiers!

Most people don't realize the entire Common was a British encampment during the war. The only good Redcoat is a dead Redcoat and they all had to get buried somewhere!

Early trolley drivers used to report seeing apparitions of men in red coats in the tunnels around the station. There was also a gas explosion above Boylston in 1897. Between six and ten people were killed and they're said to haunt the station as well.

Then again all those ghosts could just be trying to cross over and dealing with all those ridiculous delays and time adjustments... So, who wants to go ghost hunting on the T with me!?

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