Fitch Bits: The Angry Old Ghost of The Old Powder House

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Fitch Bits: The Angry Old Ghost of The Old Powder House

DID YOU KNOW that The Old Powder House in Somerville, MA. is haunted by a very angry ghost?

The building was constructed as a windmill around 1703 for the Mallet family farm. It was subsequently sold to Massachusetts Bay Colony, in 1747, and turned into a powder magazine. That's where it got its name and it actually featured somewhat heavily in the Revolution.

It was seized by the British because it held gunpowder and munitions for the colonies. One thing led to another and there was a battle fought over it. That's later than our story, though.

Back when it was still a windmill, it was the scene of a grisly murder! At least that's the folklore around it.

The story goes that the building was used as a secret meeting spot by two young lovers. He was a farmer and she was the daughter of a wealthy father who looked down on farmers. Naturally, this meant he didn't approve of the relationship.

Anyway, they carried on their secret trysts inside the windmill at night, thinking they were safe from her father's prying eyes. They'd get all up in each other and hanky their pankies until it was time to sneak back home and pretend to have been in bed all night, not getting some sweet 18th century tail.

One night things didn't go as planned, though. It turned out that the girl's father learned about his daughter's cheek clapping at the windmill and showed up in the dead of night. He forced his way inside, yelling for her to come out.

All worked up and not wanting to get her panties unbunched, she climbed up a rope to hide in the building's upper level. That's when everything went bad.

The rope she used activated the windmill machinery and everything started turning. Her father's arm got pulled into the massive stone and wood construction and he got pulled right in, losing the arm in the process.

The daughter and her now, hopefully, less aroused lover got him out of the windmill and carried him all the way back home. Unfortunately, his injuries, like the whole missing arm thing, were fatal and he died very soon afterward.

Now it's said that, "on windy nights the spirit of the old man used to haunt the place, using such profanity that it became visible in the form of blue lights, dancing and exploding about the building." How fun is that?!?

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