Fitch Bits: New Hampshire's Famous Ice Hole


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Not the actual photo. It just looks like an ice hole.

Fitch Bits: New Hampshire's Famous Ice Hole!

DID YOU KNOW that Wakefield, New Hampshire is home to a famous hole?
Okay, so it was back on January 10, 1977, when a farmer, name o' William McCarthy, looked out over his pond. Most of the body of water seemed normal for a New Hampshire winter. It was frozen so solid that, according to Willie himself, you could drive a tank over it. That was, of course, except for the perfectly circular three-foot hole in the middle of it all!
This was a private pond on a private farm, so there was just no explanation for it. It couldn't even be explained away by blaming it on an ice fisher because those fellers don't need holes that big. Plus, you know, the whole private property thing. So McCarthy did what anyone would do to a mysterious hole: he poked it with a stick.
Once again according to the man himself, he "saw what appeared to be a square black object" in the water. Yeah, you read that right. His frozen solid pond had a three-foot diameter hole with a mysterious black box in the water!
That was when all hell broke loose. He called the police, the police called the civil defense, the civil defense called the National Guard, and the farm was a media sensation for the day. Investigators brought Geiger counters that measured extremely high levels of radiation under the ice. It got so intense that looky-loos were completely ignoring police tape and just walking right up to the hole while everyone tried to work. Everyone from Joe Beat Cop to the damn Pentagon was there and it all ended with a big, old shoulder shrug and an "I dunno."
And that was pretty much it. All of this took place on a Monday and everyone was gone by Tuesday. William went back to the hole the next morning and there was nothing there. The black box was gone and the radiation was no more. Of course, that's what they WANT you to think!
There are first-person accounts that stated the National Guard pulled something out of the hole in the middle of the night and trucked it away immediately. For their part, the Guard simply said that they had someone collect water samples in a... wait for it... black box!
And that's pretty much it! Well, almost. William McCarthy maintained that his mysterious hole never froze over for the rest of the winter! Remember that this all happened in New Hampshire and they literally had a sub-zero night directly after all the hullabaloo. Still, that watery hole remained until the spring thaw!
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